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Living Beyond The Change Real Practical Tools and Strategies

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This is a pivotal point in history, the life we knew has passed.
How are you going to get the life you want?

We are living in an unusual time. My mind has been thinking about what that means for us as we go forward. Over the last two years at Life Passion and Business I have been talking to some amazing people that have amazing lives, having come through all sorts of adversity and situations.

This has to be the first time in history outside of war that we are all having to deal with the same thing at the same time. When this is over we will have to go back and pick up the pieces of our lives. It has been in my mind for a while to do a virtual event and this situation has brought the timetable forward quickly.

I think we will need help and support to get us through the next few months, because the life that we're going to return to will be very different from the life we left behind.

Living Beyond The Change is 3 days with some of the best speakers in the field of Money, Mindset, Health and Business. These are people that will help your go forward and thrive in the new world that will appear post COVID19 

I hope you will join us. 
Paul Harvey

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