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Living Beyond The Change Real Practical Tools and Strategies

Gemma Bowden

Gemma Bowden

Success, Money & Mindset Coach

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About this Speaker

Hi I’m Gemma

I’m an intuitive transformation coach and healer I help business owners, coaches & entrepreneurs across the world through success coaching, mentoring, group coaching and self-development programmes.

I work with my clients on transforming their financial fear into financial flow and upgrading their energy and mindset to that of positivity and possibility. To get their sparkle back and create a life on their terms.

Are you Business Owner? Sales director, Business developer or leader?

Been feeling stuck and wondering how to move forward during this time, but don’t know where to start...this is where!!

I will be teaching and sharing with you what has been helping me to move forwards, so you can find solutions to stay on track as you move through these uncertain times.

A few years ago I was stuck perpetuating the same cycle everyday

Didn’t feel I could have it all? Balance, money, quality time with my family & live a life doing a job that I love! Well, you can!

I felt like I had lost who I truly was inside The lady who used to laugh but now just a woman crushed by pressures & responsibilities

I will help you navigate whilst you get super clear & rediscover what you truly want?

So you feel understood & supported? So often we forget who we are Not allowing all parts of us to be seen or listened to

The truth is, we can only make our biggest impact from a place of wholeness

We reject ourselves by not allowing all parts of us to be seen or listened to

This is a home coming journey

I am a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, Master NLP, DBT Practitioner, Mindset & Money Coach with over 10 years of experience

I transformed myself from a burnt-out, ME/CFS suffering, anxious & energy depleted business lady & mother, to now feeling clear minded & like my true self again

The last piece of my puzzle was money! There was never enough, will I run out? So I set to work on my Money Mindset

I doubled my income within 2 weeks! Having experienced all this, I trained & qualified to teach others the "cherry pick" of all that which helped me first hand

So often we have blocks in our mindset, be that in money or personally, which limit our expansion & growth

I had lived shrouded in fear for too long I connected to what I wanted to achieve, both personally & business

My own healing journey & experience means I can help you to feel complete & absolutely enough, be truly connected to the power of your self, so you can be courageous & strong, living a happy, enriched & fulfilled life, full ease & limitless possibility

Ready to make change but not sure where to start?

Digital Courses High level transformational experiences you can receive in the comfort of your own home

Group Coaching A private online community with groups calls, online content & lives for those who want to create a new energy & mindset

Bespoke Online Coaching, tailored to YOUR needs 1:1 Exclusive VIP 6 or 12 month packages
High level coaching & transformation For those who want to truly know & step into their true power, purpose & live a fulfilled life True Flow & aligned potential

To start being able to receive themselves To own it this is who I be!

Its time to say you do matter, you ARE enough & a big yes to yourself

A journey back to yourself

Message me on : [email protected] for more details

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