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Living Beyond The Change Real Practical Tools and Strategies

Gillian Davies

Gillian Davies

Gillian Davies Women's Transformation Specialist
Gillian Davies Women's Transformation Specialist

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Hi, I’m Gillian Davies an online coach helping women to lose weight, tone-up and transform their bodies once & for all.

I specialise in helping women who are in their mid-late 40’s, early 50s and are ready to give themselves some time and attention after many years of giving their focus to the family, careers or business.

Its typical to reevaluate your health at this time of life because one, you have more time and energy to and also there are more notable physical changes to our bodies when we reach this stage of life that’s stops us in our tracks.

I am here today co-presenting with Greg on How to stay fit for life. Not just lock-down life.

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