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Creating an Intentional Abundance Mentality

A talk by Arthie Moore
Founder, Ki Leadership Institute Pty Ltd

Speaker expertise

Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, Values Based Leadership Specialist, International Keynote Speaker, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

There are 5 areas to consider when we finally make the choice to create an abundance mentality- intentionally.

Having Clarity about the lifestyle we so richly deserve, allows us to become more intentional and focused in the decisions we make to achieve an Abundance mentality.

  1. Having an unstoppable attitude. You don’t get what you want…you get what you are! In spite of setbacks and limitations, your circumstances or current situation.

  2. Adversity is part of our human experience. A lot of times, people look at what they lost based on their negative experiences….the key to a successful mindset is to change your perspective and seek the lesson.

  3. Progress equals happiness – Continuous Improvement versus Progress. Change is automatic but progress is not - the weather, your body, the economy will change regardless of what you want….but progress is more tangible and powerful.

  4. Who ARE you? What defines you? Defining what you deserve is exactly what we will attract to ourselves.

  5. What has conditioned your thinking? When did we accept the limitations in our lives? What is the story you have identified with and kept as your excuse? Results are always visible, based on your actions.

  6. RAISE YOUR STANDARDS. The power of affirmations - Happiness….love, joy, abundance, success

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