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Miha Matlievski

The Leverage of Trust

A Talk by Miha Matlievski (Fail Coach Ltd)

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About this Talk

Discover how to build your future with the power of your network.

If you have attended any marketing events or trainings you will have heard the phrase.

Business starts with Know Like and Trust.

It is that last part of that phrase that matters most because, without trust, nothing happens; we all have an internal compass that indicates our level of trust for people or organisations. Once broken, it is difficult to repair.

Traditionally before emails and smartphones, the business was all based on who you knew and useful connections. It was about putting in the right word to extend a friend or colleague's reputation through recommendation.

That is the leverage of trust. It is about your network.

This talk is all about how to leverage your connections to create, mutual support going forward in this new reality?

It will explore the 12 stages of intimacy for business networking and creating lasting relationships in business and life.

There will be practical steps to engage and record this process. We will also look at how to use it so that it is both ethical and moral because the compass of trust can swing in either direction.

Communication Off-Line and On-Line

Most people know how to behave when face to face. Shaking hands (pre Covid) exchanging some kind words and connecting with a shared history. But that simple etiquette seems to get lost when people get on-line.

The talk will explore how to be normal in the on-line world because when we are genuine feeling human beings, that is when trust begins to flourish and grow.

Milh has been exploring and using the techniques of leverage for many years. In December 2019 he started a Facebook group to share these techniques and so far the group participants have generated $227,000 in sales.

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Miha Matlievski

Miha Matlievski

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