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Living Beyond The Change Real Practical Tools and Strategies

Getting in the Driving Seat of Your Life

A talk by Liz Mearns
The Head Coach

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About this talk

This talk is about taking responsibility for action in your life. Not waiting or putting it off any longer but doing something about it now.

I will show you how to move from a place of overwhelm and confusion to create and shape a vision and plan for your life post COVID-19.

This is an unsettling time, there is a lot of fear, worry, moving parts and above all a loss of control. We don't like loss of control, we like certainty and sameness, yet we know this is not where the growth happens. Once we settle into our ‘new norm’, things will change again, and again.

We cannot go on the way we have, consuming the planet and waiting for others to take charge and lead us. It’s time for us to take charge of our own life, rise up and be courageously decisive. We have an opportunity here to literally slow down, make space in our lives and our minds and evaluate what's really important to us for our life and career. Then once we know we must act quickly, the time is now.

As an experienced coach I work with raising awareness and responsibility. First we must become aware of our reactions and behaviour and what we really do have control over. Then we must take responsibility and action to move out of victimhood and into empowerment.

Expect to feel fired up and inspired to see the opportunity in change and to use this time effectively to move towards a life that you love.

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Liz Mearns

NLP Master Practitioner, Corporate & Executive Coach, Personal Performance Coach

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